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A German font Number Plate for Renault Cars

the number plates at highly competitive prices.

A German font Number Plate for Renault Cars

Rs. 1,200.00Rs. 1,799.00

An European font Number Plate for Renault Cars

for 5 different Embossed fonts

Product Description

German / European Font Embossed Number Plate for Cars.

Our pressed metal number plates are produced by hydraulic machinery that has been precision manufactured and with raw materials original .  The capital investment needed for such machinery was obviously huge, but our business strategy is to build a reputation based upon A1 rated superior products, and we want customers to know that everything we sell is exceptional.

The system works by machines pressing the plates to within a 1% pressure bar. The exposed raw plates are fed through another machine which burns hot foil onto the protruding letters at over 200 degrees. Then they are cooled.  It is this process which makes them highly durable. This production method is used by state departments and Governments worldwide as well as in Germany and other European countries.

All of our machinery and associated supplies are from Germany; we do not scrimp on costs. The registration plates are German made with 3M endorsement! 3M is the most expensive and best material approved for the distribution market. You won’t find a more durable pressed metal number plate – ours can even withstand a close-up jetwash attack.

We do not use the manual press method because it involves two layer plates, which, in reality, translates to a plate covered with a coloured, sticky vinyl placed on top! The letters are pressed through, and the tops peeled off to reveal the black colouring underneath. Over a period, the vinyl around the letters will peel. Don’t even think about getting these types of plates near a jetwash when cleaning your car! The timescale of natural deterioration depends on weather conditions but we are sure you don’t want to buy a new set of plates every few months!

There are other problems with manually pressed plates. Small unavoidable air bubbles often appear under the vinyl when the later is applied. The lettering is held using a square block when run through the press. Invariably a silhouette outline will be visible.

Some sellers use manual presses – the disadvantages of manual press production are:

  • Plates do not have additional quality conformity, such as ISO and DIN
  • Production completed in 2 layers will peel up after time
  • Better to hand wash cars only – care needed on plates
  • Automated car washes can permit water penetration
  • 3M tapes may not be used
  • The primary plate material might be of an inferior quality
  • Blatant silhouette of embossing tools is likely to be evident
  • Not dissimilar in price to our superb product

Our hydraulically pressed metal number plates suffer none of those problems

Useful for all vehicles as Elegant look, Standard Sizes, and fixes according to space provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Bold type and easy readability. High visibility, round corners and easy installation. We use the very best materials and resource made to Indian Standards, we have implemented a quality management process to ensure customer satisfaction. Fits for all models of  Cars both front and rear license plates have the option to be fully reflective.

Returns: No returns accepted as this is a custom made product.

Features: Optimal durability , Fine finish, Excellent design

Specifications and uses: Ideal for vehicles, such as car, bike, etc.

Available for all models : Renault Duster, Renault Fluence, Renault Koleos, Renault Kwid, Renault Lodgy, Renault Pulse, Renault Scala, Renault Duster

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Additional Information


“Set-Front and Rear”, “Set with Frames”


“Both Long”, “Medium and Long”


“White”, “Blue”, “Red”, “Green”, “Black”


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